DHL MyIDentification Today

Today, the market values the DHL MyIDentification as having unique ground-breaking capability, a ready to use ID tracking and tracing solution for multiple domains: Oil & Gas, Energy, Aviation/Aerospace, Defence, Mining, Health care, Automotive, and logistics.

Systems to optimize the business process for our customers by providing project management, consultancy and integrated on-the-job implementation.

Systems varying in scope from standalone single workshop to end-to-end global integrated solutions.

We work extensively with partners in IT, industry, research and academia worldwide.

ID Technology helps to simplify in a complex world

No matter how advanced and complex the needs of the industry, Identification Technology can bring benefits.

  • Improve information quality and timeliness
  • Improve planning
  • Save time and money on trouble shooting
  • Save time and money on maintenance and asset inspection
  • Simplify repairs and reduce paper work
  • Increase efficiency on the whole logistic cycle
  • Contribute to the industry’s bottom line through reduced equipment investment needs

Integral ID solutions, not isolated products

  • One-stop-shop: we analyze, advise and work with you to create measurable improvements. Through hands-on support, training and knowledge transfer
  • We work in close collaboration with the customer and do extensive research to learn how people do their job and what they want to achieve
  • We listen to the customer and anticipate the needs of users so we know that what we bring is relevant technology with easy access to the benefits
  • Our solution must always improve the way of working and guarantee ROI

ID Technology & additional savings

Insurance companies can use ID Technology to identify high value assets which are insured with them. ID Technology can be used to handle safety and risks concerns (quality & warranty) in operating mobile equipment. ID Technology services will help streamline your insurance plans in line with your strategy. Our ID Technology services will also help you monitor your equipment rental plans and make related paperwork increasingly transparent, in line with your user needs.

Your ID Technology partner?

  • Access to a network of experts and organizations engaged in collaborative ID Technology innovation
  • Proven track record in ID Technology solutions
  • Ability to leverage know-how and synergies across ID Technology and the industry
  • A knowledgeable outside perspective on your business and technologies
  • Best practice teams and project developers
  • Achieving continuous TCO and cost reduction