How it works

ID Technology is a method of remotely storing and retrieving data using devices called ID MasterTags® and its related software MasterID®. These tags are miniaturised microprocessors attached to or embedded into an asset. Digital data is encoded on the ID MasterTag® that can be captured by a Reader Device. It provides real-time transmission of data and can be used for asset tracking and tracing, inventory control and material management, throughout the supply chain

  • ID automation leads to less human intervention and les human errors
  • Laborious manual data gathering is avoided
  • The entire history of tagged equipment can be accessed on the spot and stored in a central database
  • By storing just the manufacturer’s birth record on tagged items, it becomes easy to locate and check those that are at or near their expiration
  • If you are losing assets and spending money to replace them, ID software can help you track them

“With ID Technology we can significantly improve our safety and security standards and at the same time reduce our inventory overhead costs, as we will know the life cycle and service history of our equipment on an ongoing basis“.

Senior Maintenance Manager, Energy Sector, Power Plants.


  • Incorrect or incomplete information may lead to unacceptable risks and higher operating costs
  • ID Technology handle safety and security concerns in operating mobile equipment