How it works

DHL-MyID INSIDE is a method of remotely storing and retrieving data using hardware and software solutions combined. Miniaturized smart sensors or 'microprocessors' are attached to or embedded into an asset. Digital data (smart software) is encoded and captured by a reader device e.g. mobile phone. The end-to-end solution provides real-time (cloud) transmission of data and can be used for asset tracking and tracing, logistics, inventory control, MRO, material management and more, throughout the supply chain

  • DHL-MyID Inside leads to less human intervention and les human errors
  • Costly laborious manual data gathering is avoided
  • The entire history of tagged equipment can be accessed on the spot and stored in a central database


“With DHL-MyID Technology we can significantly improve our safety and security standards and at the same time reduce our inventory overhead costs, as we will know the life cycle and service history of our equipment on an ongoing basis“.

Senior Maintenance Manager, Energy Sector, Power Plants

“The efficiencies made possible by DHL-MyID INSIDE have already allowed our company to improve the refurbishment of returned tools by up to 27%. It used to take typically from 19 to 25 days to prepare such tools for future leases. With their technology, this timeline has been cut to 16-19 days, on average”

Customer Services and Internal Operations, Major Airline Carrier