The technology to manage objects: ‘The internet of smart objects’

An infrastructure to take care of problems associated with Industrial data, correlate, analyze, host, manage, process and enrich this data to make it work for customer needs.

Physical Objects and the events and plans associated with them are identified and seamlessly integrated into the information network.

Physical Objects become active participants in business process and activities. These Process and Information Services are available to interact with these ‘smart objects’ within the confines of a site or on a global scale.

Infrastructure Technology: Automatic Identification

Readers, writers, fixed gates, mobile solutions, working in all environments to:

  • Manage MasterTags for components, parts, tools and equipment, authorisation badges for staff
  • Manage checkout and return, record actions, maintenance, calibration
  • Exchange data with server based business intelligence system

Infrastructure Technology: Connectivity

Site based or with global reach via web, data integration servers:

  • Multiple interfaces for data exchange
  • MasterID local services and integrated readers
  • Configurable connections to wide range of ERP systems
  • Flexible document & event handling
  • Easily configurable
  • Thin client (browser) interface with no restrictions on number of concurrent users
  • Web access from anywhere for anyone with correct credentials
  • Multiple user roles and views.
  • Sophisticated business process rules engine
  • With on-the-fly insert/change/delete/reorder of business rules
  • Highly configurable user interface allowing customised user interfaces
  • Using the 40+ portlets and their extensive configuration capabilities

Professional ICT Services

Each ID Technology application in MRO, manufacturing or logistics is unique and has to be carefully studied to ensure viability and feasibility. DHL-MyIDentification supplies IT services top-down the organization through different phases of lifecycle

Research & Development services

DHL-MyIDentification has in-house development resources such as rapid prototyping, scientific laboratories, engineering workshops, test facilities and instrumentation that will support the development of effective industrial solutions. Multi-disciplinary teams including software developers, scientists, engineers and industrial designers will help you make the right product choices at the right time.