Highlighting some of our past & current projects.

Tool and Equipment mobility projects for one of the largest providers in Europe for aircraft engines, components & MRO services. Implementation of  Auto-ID solutions for Tool and Equipment kits for MRO and AOG events providing process security, and quality assurance of standardized equipment.  The teams can now focus on the tasks instead of worrying about equipment, before, during or after completion of the job.

A global supplier of technical services to wind energy sectors has installed integrated Auto-ID technology and telematics to support the teams and large pools of equipment on different construction sites to check material lifecycle, calibration and certification checks (e.g. personal safety-equipment) DHL-MyID’s Cloud services and a GPS connection allows management to monitor entire operations, providing project & site management data validation and logistics combined.

International Shipyard and Construction Company, specialized in steel constructions, pontoons and ships.
Operational deep water platforms - Wind Turbine support.
Equipment Identifying solutions embedded to access lifecycle data of equipment, welding points & joints during assembly and installation.
ID support of all - MRO- technical and corresponding managerial actions.

Major Airline Carrier introduced the DHL-MyIDentification MasterTag® /MasterID® into their tools supply chain. With this solution, changes to the tool throughout its lifecycle are being tracked resulting in faster workflow processes and reduced paperwork.

They continued to further apply DHL-MyIDentification technology to its supply chain of aircraft spare parts. This has allowed the MasterTag® to be used for the first time on civil aircraft spares.

ID-Tool Management Systems
Collaboration with World Market Leader in assembly and fastening material.
Consisting of over 400 companies in more than 80 countries.
Core product range comprises 100.000 products

Commercial Airline - introduced the MasterTag® into its supply chain of parts in collaboration with a Major Airline Carrier. It anticipated that the availability of this ground-breaking technology on aircraft spares parts will significantly help to simplify inventory and repair management. Over 200.000 test flight hours are registered. 

A German multinational engineering and electronics conglomerate company, collaborated with DHL-MyIDentification to support the Transportation Systems on Trains. The high-speed trains were equipped with the ID MasterTag® during the construction. More than 500 measuring points were stored on the ID MasterTag® in the first production stage of the walls, roofs and floors of the wagons. Partial dependent production steps support in this way the quality warranty. Complete retracing of the material parts by means of ID MasterTags is now possible.

A Multinational in IT - integrated DHL-MyIDentification cutting-edge MasterTag® with a software corporation, leading in server application software. The IT Multinational and DHL-MyIDentification showed an airworthy and ATA (Air Transport Association) compliant ID MasterTag® at an International Air Show. The Tags were on the DLR aircraft VFW 614/ATTAS, on the ailerons, landing gear and computers

Technology leader in client/server enterprise application software - funded program Stop Tampering of Products (StoP) cluster research project aims at providing solutions for the authentication of products based on ID Technology and related intelligence technologies. DHL-MyIDentification provides knowhow in the areas of ID product integration, product tracking and processes.

European-based energy corporation - Implementation ID end-to-end Technology to improve the Tool and Equipment monitoring process, to further improve safety and security procedures, improve asset visibility and reduce costs.

Multinational electric utility company - Mobile workstations equipped with ID Storage Technology, providing detailed information and technical data. Tool Cabinets and Containers are equipped with electronic ID lockers.

Please note: Projects also realised by former myRFID-MRO