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Hospital Asset Tracking Solution - to avoid issues and excessive work load on asset availability, DHL-MyID has installed a localisation app to monitor the comings and goings and status of vital hospital assets such as pumps. The solution increases utilisation of mobile equipment and further simplifies operations. The final goal is to enhance patient safety and quality care while keeping costs better in control.

Logistics, transportation & delivery  App - for a global aircraft OEM,  DHL-MyID INSIDE engineered and installed a transportation and delivery app for aircraft parts. Key information of the parts is stored in the cloud and sent to customer's ERP system in real-time. The assets can now be tracked and searched on a map, while their status data are included.

Tool and Equipment Monitoring - mobility projects for one of the largest providers in Europe for aircraft engines, components & MRO services. Implementation of  Auto-ID solutions for Tool and Equipment kits for MRO and AOG events providing process security, and quality assurance of standardized equipment 24/7.  

Wind energy global supplier - of technical services to wind energy sectors has installed integrated DHL-MyID technology and telematics to support their work force & installation teams and large pools of equipment on different construction sites to check material lifecycle, calibration and certification checks (e.g. personal safety-equipment) DHL-MyID’s Cloud services and GPS connections allow management to monitor entire operations, provide project & site management data validation and logistics.

Major Airline Carrier - introduced the DHL-MyID track and trace technology into their tools supply chain. With this solution, changes to the tool throughout its lifecycle are being tracked, resulting in faster workflow processes and reduced paperwork. They continued to further apply DHL-MyID technology to its supply chain of aircraft spare parts. 

Multinational electric utility company - equipped mobile workstations with DHL-MyID INSIDE Storage Technology, providing detailed information and technical data. Tool Cabinets and Containers are now also equipped with electronic ID lockers.


GPS Containers - aerospace asset management solution by DHL-MyID providing real-time container visibility through mounted solar GPS units attached onto special containers carrying (spare) parts. Digitalised maintenance processes are also being installed resulting in shorter lead times, lower maintenance and transportation costs and more flexibility.

Commercial Airline - introduced DHL-MyID technology into its supply chain of parts in collaboration with a Major Airline Carrier. It anticipated that the availability of this technology on aircraft spares parts significantly helped to simplify inventory and repair management. 

A German multinational - engineering and electronics conglomerate company, collaborated with DHL-MyID to support the Transportation Systems on Trains. The high-speed trains were equipped with DHL-MyID INSIDE hardware and software technology during the construction. Measuring points were stored on sensors in the first production stage of the walls, roofs and floors of the wagons. Partial dependent production steps support in this way the quality warranty. Complete retracing of the material parts by means of DHL-MyID MasterTags is now possible.

A Multinational in IT - worked with DHL-MyID aerospace compliant hardware components to be connected to one of their software applications. The hardware (DHL-MyID MasterTag sensors) were mounted on the DLR aircraft VFW 614/ATTAS, on the ailerons, landing gear and computers resulting in real-time flight data capture, registration and processing.

EU Stop Tampering of Products project - DHL-MyID was part of a EU funded program 'Stop Tampering of Products' (StoP). A cluster research project aimed at providing solutions for the authentication of products and related intelligence technologies. DHL-MyID provides knowhow in the areas of product  authentication, integration, product tracking and processes.

European-based energy corporation - Implementation of DHL-MyID INSIDE end-to-end Technology to improve the Tool and Equipment monitoring process during MRO operations, to further improve safety and security procedures, improve asset visibility and reduce costs.