Our Solutions

SMART Logistics

RFID shipping label solutions, mobile devices and control gates

Physical and digital labels to collect freight and shipment statuses in an automated way

Transport Event/Delivery app

App (IOS and Android) to collect transport events, capture quality issues (photo) and signature on glass to visualize transport and delivery of any business partner.

Dispatch - Shipping app

App (IOS and Android) to identify delivery notes through auto-id, add mandatory shipping information, choose delivery date, create consolidations and submit digital documentation/booking to any business partner

Digital Inventory Control

Inventory control for tool shops within factories, warehouses and maintenance vehicles

SMART Asset Management

Asset Management

Lifecycle management and real-time tracking of any reusable loading unit e.g. trailers, jigs, pallets, bins, re-usable packages globally

SMART Hospitals

Real-time Tracking & Utilization

Tracking and real-time visualization of hospital equipment & people


Resources, Tools and Equipment Maintenance Management

Auto-id solution for maintenance, parts and technical service of chemical installations and windmill parks. Including tool control, tool-fitness and completion checks

DHL-MyID Core Competencies