Wind Energy Project

Who we are: DHL MYIDENTIFICATION (DHL-MylD) is a hands-on supplier of Auto-ID, E2E solutions, providing accurate and digital documentation on the equipment and its operations at all times, in all conditions. (The Internet of Things)

Wind Energy scope of project
Install a flexible and smart tooling & equipment Auto ID-solution in SSC Wind operating tool containers and service vehicles to consolidate real-time tracking & tracing of vital data. A project bringing together DHL-MylD, Würth and SSC Wind, supplier of technical services to the wind energy sector with more than 1300 wind turbines erected and commissioned throughout Europe - both on- and offshore.

SSC Wind was looking for a cost effective way to make the job of technicians, electricians and supervisors easier and more efficient. Whether dealing with scheduled or unplanned repairs, a technician always has to make the most of each minute of the working day to get the job done. As a consequence, the project "Partnership ... The Next Generation" was launched.

For the purpose of this project, Würth delivered special tools and equipment and completed the conversion of service - containers and service-vans into mobile workshop while DHL-MylD designed and installed a customized solution for real­time tool & equipment registration, that collects vital information where it is most needed: on the asset itself.

Every tool and piece of equipment is mounted - retrofitted - by DHL-MylD with a robust and miniaturized HF / UHF MasterTag (RFID tag) which are specially designed for harsh and on-metal environments with a long data retention time. Collected data is digitally registered in real time, while reading the MasterTag with a handheld reader or smart phone and instantly & securely linked through the Cloud to customer's existing ERP or IT system. A GPS tracking system is also connected to DHL-MylD's software program which allows supervisors and SSC Wind management to monitor entire operations, from the containers' routing and position to the entire (quality) product lifecycle and equipment utilization to carrying out (quantity) completeness checks, including the digitized registration of technicians on site and their worked hours.

Portable tool bags for technicians, climbing the towers, are also equipped with UHF MasterTags with a handheld reader that is configured to read all 45 tools inside the tool bag, in less than 5 seconds with a built-in alert on tool input, tools returned, tool-fitness and completeness check.

Estimates and assessment of the implemented system and its value for SSC Wind: 

  • Productivity improvement 20-25%
  • Labor cost savings 25%
  • Inventory checks related cost savings 30%
  • Product traceability improved by 35%
  • Reduced container transportation costs up to 75% (containers can now be transported from one project site to another, as there is no more need to return equipment containers to the SSC Wind HQ/warehouse for updates and inventory checks)
  • Equipment and its logistics get seamlessly integrated into customer's information network
  • Equipment become active participants in business processes and activities
  • Process and Information services interact with smart equipment over the internet /Cloud
  • Single-site and multi-site implementation

Today, other Auto-ID /RFID projects are being rolled out in Aerospace, Oil & Gas Industries including DHL-MylD's asset tracking solutions during shipments: combining Auto-ID and Logistics that provide digital data whether the right item (e.g. repaired, calibrated, replaced, exchanged, overdue, authentic part etc.) has been selected for transport.

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