DHL SMARTSENSOR technology drives visibility along the pharmaceutical supply chain. Its ease-of-use and cost-effectiveness significantly enhance cold chain logistics. Integrated into logistics solutions, the SmartSensor saves time, effort, and money – allowing DHL’s customers to focus on their core business

The SmartSensor solution is a three-part system consisting of the sensor hardware portfolio, a central database, and the online web portal. The portfolio contains two products:


is a passive device based on UHF RFID (ultra-high frequency radio frequency identification) technology. It monitors temperature during transport and can be used as a substitute for currently established temperature loggers. SmartSensor RFID monitors can be read in transit: checkpoints at predefined logistics milestones enhance the level of visibility.


is based on mobile phone technology. It sends collected data to the database at pre-defined intervals, providing near real-time visibility. In addition to temperature, it monitors humidity, shock, and changes in light condition, and allows shipments to be geo-located. The latter two features combined significantly enhance the level of shipment security. A unique product, SmartSensor GSM has been devised to comply with even stricter regulations than those in place today.

All data collected by SmartSensor, regardless of which of the two sensor types is used is stored on the high-security DHL database and made available to authorized individuals through the password-protected web portal. It is thus readily accessible 24/7 around the globe for analysis and download by any computer with internet access.

Since all components are designed to be plug-and-play solutions, the DHL SMARTSENSOR RFID and GSM solutions do not affect any existing IT infrastructure currently in use. It goes without saying that both products comply with the relevant quality standards of the Life Sciences & Healthcare industry such as US CFR 21 Part 11, EU GDP, and EU GMP.

Developed to meet the challenges of the cold chain, the Smart-Sensor technology enhances shipment visibility and greatly simplifies data management.