What is ID Technology?

ID Technology is an integrated family of automatic identification solutions covering a multiplicity of operational areas: manufacturing, warehousing, in transit logistics, on site indoor/outdoor, workshop, laboratory, surgery, operating theatre, and so on.

It is a smart technology that helps reduce errors, improve planning, and provide early detection of problems. Through this the client achieves improved operational safety, efficiency and turnaround time, also reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) of equipment, components, tools, instruments, and parts.

In addition ID technology helps to improve reliability, durability, and security by managing the life history of company assets.

Running efficient operations gives your business a Competitive Advantage. To name just a few advantages that ID technology has to offer;

  • Putting the right equipment on the job site
  • Making sure its maintained, calibrated, inspected
  • Providing a real time flow of accurate information
  • Keeping operational costs low
  • Providing easy to use industrial internet of parts & tools

Presently the industry is showing growing interest in the use of ID technology in various projects and the number of prospects is growing exponentially. The market requires an experienced and professional service organization that is able to fulfill the whole lifecycle, from feasibility study, board advise up to implementation, delivery and maintenance of ID concepts: DHL MyIDentification.

“Airbus has installed RFID-tagged components on 12 Airbus A320s being flown by a major German charter airline. To date, these components have collectively logged 200,000 flight hours. For all MasterTags® on all planes in all cycles, we have experienced 100% data reading accuracy.”

Senior Vice President, Internal Operations, Airbus.