Smart Assets drive Smart Business

Most industries such as aviation, energy, automotive, logistics and healthcare are asset intensive with millions of (costly) parts & equipment moving around. That's why DHL-MyID INSIDE connects 'online' assets and their events such as transportation, location, maintenance, replacement, repair, measuring, warranty and disposal that were never connected before.

We add operational intelligence to your company assets at the point of use. "Last inch" and cloud based track & trace information will run better action and better business practice.

DHL-MyID INSIDE delivers quantified business value such as reduced asset check time up to 90%, reduced crew idle time up to 30% and reduced asset losses up to zero.

Who We Are

DHL-MyIDentification (DHL-MyID) is a technology company that develops and markets solutions in Internet of Things (IoT). We are experts in hardware and cloud-based (IoT) solutions for auto-identification, real-time tracking and sensoring of objects and analysis of relevant data.

At DHL-MyID, we connect objects real-time to the cloud and digitalize processes to drive excellence and customer value. Throughout the history of business, people use data to make more informed decisions.

We make objects smarter, track them and integrate collected real-time data in day-2-day processes. We use analytics and visualization to make our customers more efficient.

Multi-sensor tags on items transmit data on location and condition. With hundreds of thousands of ocean-air-road assets, freight transportation presents great potential for IoT networks.

DHL-MyID IoT Solutions provide next generation of asset track and trace. Faster, more accurate, predictive and more secure.

What We Do

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