Smart Assets drive Smart Business

  • Most industries such as aviation, energy, automotive, logistics and healthcare are asset intensive with millions of (costly) parts & equipment moving around
  • MyID INSIDE connects 'online' assets and their events such as transportation, location, maintenance, replacement, repair, measuring, warranty and disposal that were never connected before
  • MyID INSIDE adds operational intelligence to your company assets at the point of use. "Last inch" and cloud based track & trace information will run better action and better business practice
  • MyID INSIDE delivers quantified business value such as reduced asset check time up to 90%, reduced crew idle time up to 30% and reduced asset losses up to zero %

Recognize this?


With MyID INSIDE you can optimize your equipment, performance and MRO

I lose precious time on the job because my equipment and its mechanical status are still not available!   I choose MyID’s digital asset tracking solutions to manage our equipment and tools.
Tracking who has what equipment, at what workplace makes the job easier and more efficiënt.
  • Online management of equipment
  • Improved predictive and preventive maintenance jobs
  • Real-time alerts, completeness checks
  • Lower downtime
  • Important cost savings